Clock tower set for wrecking ball

The Wilton Mill clock tower in Commercial Road will be demolished within weeks – dashing the hopes of dozens of objectors.

Speaking to the Hawick News, developer Gavin Stevenson said the cost of saving the tower was prohibitive and added: “We have the demolition warrant and now need listed building consent. I expect this to take weeks rather than months. We have given the information required and hopefullu we’ll be able to move on this soon.

“I had considered moving my office to this building but it is in a dangerous condition and the estimateed cost of £2million to have it restored is prohibitive and means that saving it is out of the question.”

A Scottish Borders Council spokesperson said: “The agent has been requested to provide additional information on the marketing of the site and a breeding bird and bat survey. Once this information has been received further consultations will be carried out.”

“If officers recommend approval once all consultation is completed, then the application will be determined by the planning and building standards committee. Officers have delegated powers for refusing applications. The application will also have to be cleared by Historic Scotland before any approval can be issued.”