Clean-up date announced as litter problem rumbles on

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A TOWN clean-up has been pencilled in to take place at the end of this month.

And it is hoped as many groups as possible will take part to help tidy up Hawick ahead of the busy tourist season.

It comes following recent criticism of high school pupils in the Hawick News letters page, which was defended by rector Alan Williamson.

At a meeting of Hawick Community Council this week, Mark Kettrick, who originally complained about pupils dropping litter during lunch times, apologised for any offence caused by his letter but admitted he was “embarrassed” by the state of the town while entertaining visitors from Edinburgh.

Community councillor Angela Cumming, who has been a high school teacher for 28 years, said parents must take more responsibility for the problem.

“If parents don’t tell them to pick up litter from a young age then it can be too late to address the issue by the time they get to the high school,” she said.

And she questioned whether there were enough bins on the High Street. She added: “I wouldn’t absolve high school pupils from anything because they do drop litter, but there are simply not enough bins for the amount of pupils at the school.

“I don’t think they are consciously throwing litter on the ground. The young people take a great pride in their town.”

It was felt at the meeting that the issue was one which was being caused by both the young and older generation.

Hawick and Denholm councillor Stuart Marshall said: “A lot of the litter problems in the town is down to adults who are not recycling. This is not just about kids, a lot of adults need to learn and they need to pass that down the chain.”

It was agreed that the annual town clean-up should take place on Sunday, April 28 and letters will be going out to the various clubs and groups in Hawick in a bid to garnish support for the event. It was suggested that the high school’s Eco Group may also be able to offer assistance on the day.

Anyone interested in helping should contact chairperson Marion Short on