Clean bill of health for local takeaway

The New Lam Wah Chinese Takeaway on the High Street.
The New Lam Wah Chinese Takeaway on the High Street.

One of the town’s long-established Chinese takeaways was given the thumbs up by council food inspectors this week following allegations that rodent droppings were found in a portion of prawn crackers.

The allegation was made against the New Lam Wah establishment following a complaint from a disgruntled customer, who sent a sample of the meal to food hygiene inspectors claiming it was mouse droppings.

This week, business owner Ivy Gao posted a letter from Scottish Borders Council’s food safety officer Mark Eccles on Facebook in which he states: “I have received a complaint regarding a meal purchased from New Lam Wah on Sunday, December 6. The complainant found foreign object in a bag of prawn crackers that they thought to be a mouse dropping.

“I did not consider the foreign object to be a mouse dropping. The item was shown to the council’s pest control officers and they are of the same opinion. The material is too black and angular to be a dropping, and on closer examination, it appears to be a piece of carbonised food.”

Mr Eccles added: “I do not intend to take any further action and I have informed the complainant of my findings.”

Posting on Facebook, business owner Ivy Gao thanked her customers for their support and added: “The past 11 days were not easy for me or my family. I tried to imagine what I would feel if I am a customer and heard these rumours.

“The food from the New Lam Wah has always been prepared in safe and hygienic conditions and we do not have rats.”