Church’s fresh bid to get blessing for solar power

DENHOLM Community Council has backed plans to install solar panels on the roof of the village church.

The Reverend Douglas Nicol, minister for Hobkirk and Southdean with Ruberslaw, informed members during last week’s meeting about the church’s bid for solar panels - as part of a scheme to overcome the problem of excessive condensation, ahead of a full restoration programme.

And although an initial proposal had been rejected by Scottish Borders Council on the advice that it would not be in keeping with conservation policy, it was heard that a site meeting had resulted in an acceptable compromise, and the group had been advised to seek support from the community before submitting a revised scheme.

A spokesperson for Denholm Community Council said after the meeting: “We unanimously supported the group’s proposal and the revised plan. It was agreed that the secretary would write to the planning department accordingly.”

Also on the agenda was the monthly police report, sent in by community beat officer Brian Murray, who highlighted two recent incidents in the village, the first of which was damage to the railing at the Post Office which had been caused by a single car accident, although there was no injury or offences detected.

And alluding to an initial suspected attempt to get a young girl into a white or silver-coloured vehicle which drove round the village green several times, but later turned out to have been a young male shouting from a car, PC Murray commented: “There are no positive lines of enquiry and it is unknown if the person in the vehicle actually shouted at her or not. But these incidents are taken seriously and the whole division was on alert in relation to the incident and on the lookout for this vehicle. Unfortunately, no registration number was given and the vehicle was never traced.”

The meeting then heard that work to reverse the traffic priority at the junction of Minto Road and Canongate – which will see the original layout readopted following the previous community council’s decision to have it changed – was due to be completed within the next week or so.

Members also agreed that following a request for suggestions, the recently adopted telephone box should be used to display tourist information.

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