Chay begins music revolution as online show wins TV deal

The Garage Live's Chay Hobson, left, and Zak Boyd
The Garage Live's Chay Hobson, left, and Zak Boyd

A TERI musician is set to bring his very own talent show to TV.

Chay Hobson, who now lives in South Shields, near Newcastle, has developed a series called The Garage Live, which aims to showcase local musical talent and has been picked up by local channel Made In Tyne And Wear.

Chay, 41, a former guitarist for town bands Distorted Vision, Judy Garland, and Dead Reckoning, owns a recording studio and rehearsal rooms that he converts into a filming studio one day each month to allow him to shoot video of local bands in action.

Having initially posted his monthly production online, Chay received a call from the head of the TV channel, who expressed an interest in screening a full series.

Chay explained: “We’re now in the process of filming show No.4 – but the first one was just made with a friend who was an out-of-work radio presenter and we had decided to make a TV show to see how hard it was.

“There was no intention to keep it going, but we got such a good reception. We had YouTube followers and a Facebook fan group, then people were eager to see the show.

“We created another two for broadcast on the internet, then a few local papers did some stories and, after that, the channel executive got in touch on Boxing Day. We discussed moving it into studios, but decided that would take away the raw edge, that amateur feel.

“We’ve never discussed money, but we’re just happy for the bands to get exposure. We’re looking to hold some music events in the summer to try to raise money for the show. It doesn’t cost any money to produce as such – we just have to close down for the day while filming takes place.”

Chay ran a cafe adjacent to Albert Bridge – now Sonia’s – before going to live in Italy in 2000.

He later moved to Birtley, Northumberland, where he met his wife, and flitted to South Shields ten years ago before founding his music project.