Chapter and verse from literary couple

Sara Clark, Hawick MSP Paul Wheelhouse and Thomas Clark at the couple's official literary launch at the weekend.
Sara Clark, Hawick MSP Paul Wheelhouse and Thomas Clark at the couple's official literary launch at the weekend.

Husband and wife wordsmiths Sara and Thomas Clark launched their latest projects at the weekend.

The couple held the party for their newly-released publications in the town hall, the same location where they got married two years ago.

Sara was celebrating the release of her first novel titled Summer’s Lease, while Thomas was launching Intae the Snaw, a pamphlet of medieval Chinese poetry reworked into Scots.

Speaking abut their decision to hold a joint event, Thomas said: “It was a complete coincidence really that we ended up with a similar publication date and it seemed silly not to do it together because we might never get the opportunity again.

“It was great holding it in the town hall because we got a chance to hold a new event and celebrate with all of the people that we wish we had known when we got married.”

Although this is his first pamphlet of poetry, Thomas, 35, has translated many famous pieces into Scots including Alice in Wonderland and Beowulf.

However, for this collection, Thomas, originally from Gasgow, wanted to choose a selection of poems that were a good representation of modern Scotland.

He explained: “I had to do a lot of reading for the pamphlet which I really enjoyed.

“I’ve taken poems from around the world but mainly medieval Chinese and when selecting them it was important to make sure they worked well in Scots.”

Sara’s novel, Summer’s Lease, is a dark comedy that centres around the protagonist, Alex Warren, a hermit who is forced to sell the family home that he never moved out of.

Sara, also 35, said: “The plot revolves around his final trip around the house where he reflects on his relationship with his parents and recalls one day when he went on an adventure in the pursuit of love and what a good time he had.”

Though originally from Wakefield, Sara said she loves living in Hawick because of the friendly community and is the co-editor of The Eildon Tree, a creative writing magazine.

She added: “The magazine is seeking submissions of poems and short stories so if anyone has something they would like published then please send it in before October 31.”

Thomas’ pamphlet is available to buy from the publisher Gatehouse Press and Summer’s Lease will be on Amazon soon.