Channel 4’s ‘Three in a Bed Show’ comes to Hawick

High Street eaterie The Nightsafe was thrust into the TV spotlight this week as part of Channel 4 lifestyle show, ‘Three in a Bed.’

The popular restaurant was the location for the competitors and television crew of the popular programme, which sees B&B owners throw open their doors to be judged by one another – and with one of the couples taking part in the competition also from the Hawick area – the town is set to be put on the map.

Nightsafe proprietor Karen Wilson told the Hawick News: “People from the show emailed us and said they wanted to use the restaurant for the part of the show when the local hosts take the others out for dinner. And it turned out that this part of the show was also when they scored each other and were interviewed, so it was quite exciting.”

The bistro welcomed its special guests on Tuesday night and catered for the three competing couples – including one B&B proprietor from Nottingham who wore a kilt – as well as around six television crew members. Karen explained: “There were lights everywhere and we were quite nervous serving up the food and appearing in the background, but it all went really well.”

And she added: “They did interviews of the couples in various places around the restuarant, so it was a huge compliment that they chose us to help show off the town.”

Indeed with the ‘Three in a Bed’ programme-makers keen to showcase an entire area, filming also took place at Galalaw and on the High Street.

Karen added: “It’s great that they want to promote the place where they are filming as well as the B&Bs. And with the programme due to be aired in the spring, hopefully it will attract more tourism to the area. It will be a great advert for Hawick.”

The Hawick News cannot reveal the identity of the local B&B owner at this stage.