Celebrating our history and building our future

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The long – hopefully hot – days of summer give all of us an opportunity to reflect on life.

We can remember all that has happened in the past, both helpful and challenging, and reflect on the lessons we have learnt from these experiences. We can also dream of the future, and, where appropriate, start planning for our next adventures.

As interim moderator of St Mary’s and Old Church in the town, I am deeply aware of the work being undertaken by members and friends to prepare for an exhibition in September – ‘Celebrating our History – Building our Future’.

Members and friends are looking back in both minds and attics for all the special memories that they have of the Kirk that sits high in the midst of our grey auld toon, and the tangible memories will be on display in the church on September 21-23.

As the memories are celebrated, all who visit the church over these days will have the opportunity of playing a part in building the future of the congregation. Everyone will have a part to play to ensure that future generations can have the kind of memories we now treasure.

Have a good summer – and as you reflect, look back with thanks, and forward with faith and hope.