CCTV focuses on boy racers in the Haugh

Hopes are high that the new £7,000 CCTV system installed at the Common Haugh will help put the brakes on the town’s antisocial drivers.

The security cameras have been put up in the wake of a raft of complaints last year, most of which centred on the speed, noise and late-night antics of boy racers.

The situation came to a head in August when visiting campervanners felt they had no choice but to leave the Haugh and cut short their holiday stop-off in Hawick due to what they said were kids using the car park as a race track.

This week, Councillors Watson McAteer and Stuart Marshall, both of whom were instrumental in securing funding for the cameras, welcomed news of the switch-on.

Councillor McAteer said the system has been installed in the Haugh to principally support Police Scotland by gathering intelligence that they could use to combat a range of issues including frequent complaints regarding antisocial driving.

He continued: “It has the added benefit of providing a new layer of security helping to reassure those that use the Common Haugh when they visit our town.”

Echoing Mr McAteer’s comments, Councillor Stuart Marshall said: “Watson and I secured small schemes money to fund the CCTV system following complaints and concerns from the community council and townsfolk regarding the behaviour of some motorists using the Haugh.

“We are very hopeful that raising awareness of the presence of CCTV in this area will provide an effective deterrent as well as increasing public reassurance and confidence.”

Mr Marshall added that they were able to use grant money to fund the initiative following a recent announcement that Police Scotland and Scottish Borders Council would no longer provide financial support for the town’s CCTV systems.

Inspector Carol Wood said: “I’m delighted that CCTV has been sited within the Common Haugh area, and I hope it will deter those intent on causing a nuisance with their vehicles.

“If this issue does continue, the CCTV will be a tool to assist in detecting those responsible.

“It should also provide reassurance to holiday makers who park their campervans in the Haugh area when they are visiting the town.”