Cash to be spent on ‘spruce up’

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COUNCILLORS have agreed to spend the last of the small schemes budget on “sprucing up” certain areas.

The suggestion was made by Councillor George Turnbull at a meeting of Teviot and Liddesdale Area Committee, during a discussion on projects to be given the go-ahead. Members agreed to spend £199 on the painting of railings at Wilton Park; the installation of a gate for the fence between Glebe Mill towards Weensland Road at £252; and a railing for the steps at Burnfoot Church, costing £1,214.

Councillor Turnbull (pictured) said: “Some areas could do with a spruce up, and I’d like to ask that we meet to pick areas that could benefit from a spring clean.”

It was also agreed that funds from the pay-and-display income are used to paint white lines at the Volunteer car park. Councillor Ron Smith said: “It would enable more cars to be parked there.”