Caravan Park developer comes to the fore

The Hawick News can reveal that plans for a caravan park next to the Walled Garden have taken a huge step forward, with local officials confirming that a developer is keen to progress with the project.

Councillors Stuart Marshall and Watson McAteer were informed at a meeting at headquarters in St Boswells this week that there has been a serious declaration of intenrest in creating a caravan site on the grassy area at the rear of Wilton Lodge Park.

Although both members have been sworn to secrecy, Mr Marshall stated: “We have been advised that there is an interested party in taking forward a caravan park in the Wilton Park area. At this stage it is an interest and the matter remains very commercially sensitive, so because of this we are not able to discuss who the operators may be.”

But Mr Marshall says they have both been assured that council officials will arrange for the six Hawick members to get together to learn more and meet the prosepective developer. He added: “Subsequently, if a planning application is lodged then, of course, we would expect there to be consultation with nearby residents and other interested parties.”

The area is advertised by SBC as a “touring caravan and camping site”, the proposal being: “To develop a 90-pitch caravan site at the location currently utilised as a sports/playing pitch. Proposal should include amenity, service and reception facilities, operating on a year-round basis.”