Caravan owners are told to pitch up on streets or go elsewhere

Kenny McCartney
Kenny McCartney

CARAVAN owners in Burnfoot have been warned not to leave their vehicles unhitched on the estate.

It comes after complaints were received about caravans blocking the road at several points throughout Burnfoot.

Burnfoot Community Council member Kenny McCartney said: “The problem you find with this time of year is that people who pay rent on the site usually do so for just ten months and they can’t keep them for any longer than that or they need a residential licence, which not many have.”

On congested streets there were issues over caravans sometimes taking up two parking spaces.

Local councillor Stuart Marshall said: “Because the season is finished, certain areas become a dumping ground for caravans.”

However, community police officer Steven Sutherland stressed it was against the law to leave a caravan unattended.

He said: “They are not supposed to be left unhitched on a public road, they have to be pitched to a vehicle or stored away.

While community council secretary Ian Middlemass sounded a warning. He said: “The new community council will be monitoring the situation and is going to be robust in cleaning up Burnfoot.”