Camera Club’s ‘excellent show’

CAMERA Club president Anna Lee welcomed members of the Hawick Film & Video Group to a programme of digital slideshow sequences at last Thursday’s meeting.

The evening began with a short extract of the very successful DVD “Hawick Past & Present” by Gordon Gilfether and Eric Scotland. This was followed with a series of beautiful landscapes “Ootside of Hawick” by Kenny Baillie. Bert Lancaster’s trilogy of travelogues around Europe, featured the cities of Dresden, Linz and Nurnberg.

Gordon, again presented two further sequences, the city of “Brno” in the Czech Republic, and a “Helicopter Tour of the Borders”.

Bert followed with another three productions including “November Morning”, a collection of local scenes contrasting with “Volcanoes and Lakes” of Chile, and finally “Beth Chatto’s Garden” in Colchester, Essex brought the evening to a close.

David Peacock on behalf of the Film & Video Group, thanked the Camera Club for an excellent show and made special mention to the members for their hospitality and buffet.

The Borders Photographic Exhibition will take place on Wednesday 26th February at Selkirk.

The meeting on the following evening, 27th Feb, will be a review of the recent NewtonGrange competition entries.