Camera Club focuses on street-life photography

STREET-LIFE photography was the subject of Dr Oliver Eade, of the Selkirk Camera Club, in his illustrated talk to members on Thursday evening.

The title of his talk was “Excuse me sir, I just took your photo”, but as he explained in his opening remarks, this phrase would be used only when political correctness deemed it necessary. Normally he would endeavour to capture an image at the decisive moment, as opposed to asking permission first, which would effectively result in what he termed as merely a street-portrait.

Throughout the talk, Dr Eade entertained the audience with beautiful photographs of many attractive capitals around the world, interspersed with humorous anecdotes of his experiences.

The meeting concluded with Edith McLean thanking Dr Eade for a most inspiring talk.

The meeting on Tuesday, February 12, will be a visit to the Hawick Film and Video Group.