Call for tougher stance to be taken on rubbish recyclers

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RESIDENTS in parts of Burnfoot have been accused of “sticking two fingers up” at recycling regulations.

And local councillor Stuart Marshall said that those in Wellfield and other areas of the town aren’t much better.

Mr Marshall spoke out spoke out after visiting Courthill Farm and witnessing for himself the huge amount of rubbish strewn across the field at Burnhead.

It is understood the problem arises from overflowing wheelie bins, with the litter blown into the countryside and through streets.

He said: “The evidence is quite clear that much of this litter is coming from wheelie bins that are spewing over with household waste.”

Councillor Marshall met with John Usher, whose family have farmed the land for some time and whose daughter Jane Mitchell currently farms.

He added: “The mess in his fields are not only an environmental issue, the damage that it causes to his farm machinery is also a costly one.”

Mr Usher admitted it was a serious issue, which was always worse after the weekend.

He said: “I’ve always been complaining about the litter emanating mostly from the bottle bank area (at Henderson Road).

“On Monday mornings the rubbish is overflowing and it gets blown all over the place if there’s any wind.

“We have to check and clean the field every time before we sow it and then before it’s harvested.”

Councillor Marshall revealed he has put forward a scheme to the local authority to fence in the bottle bank, but he has called on Scottish Borders Council and the various housing providers to play their part in keeping the area clean.

He said: “The housing associations and also SBC need to come down much harder on people who are blatantly sticking two fingers up by refusing to recycle.

“It’s time we stopped writing letters to households telling them of their requirements to recycle because its the same folk that are refusing to do so.

“We need to take a tougher stance and repeat offenders need to be taken to task.”

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