Call for patience amid accident fears over slow-moving vehicles

MOTORISTS are being urged to remain patient behind slow-moving vehicles.

At a recent meeting of Burnfoot Community Council there were fears expressed that drivers were becoming increasingly impatient while travelling behind tractors and other farm vehicles.

And Kenny McCartney (pictured) said their failure to pull over and let people past could result in a serious accident.

“It’s going to lead to a lot of anxiety and people getting frustrated,” he said.

“These guys have maybe got the radio on and they’re quite happy and all of a sudden there’s 16 or 17 cars behind them and they’re not prepared to move over.”

Agricultural vehicles are limited to a maximum speed limit of 40mph, even on dual carriageways, although there is no law requiring them to pull over and it is only a matter of courtesy.

Lothian and Borders roads policing inspector Colin Shillito told the Hawick News: “I think as drivers living in the Borders we need to appreciate the beautiful rural setting is ideal for agricultural business and we must accept these farmers need to use the roads for their business.

“I would emphasise we should exercise tolerance and restraint when driving and even that at certain times of year, such as harvesting etc. we should anticipate an increase of agricultural vehicles on the road and thus build this in to our plan by allowing more time to travel.”