Buying, selling or renting: look forward to 2012 with confidence

Now the festive season has passed, which is generally a slow time for the housing market, early 2012 has seen an influx of new properties come onto the market, and with some local surveyors currently offering discounts on Home Reports, now is a good time to go ahead if you are considering putting your property on the market to take advantage of these savings. As we move forward to the Spring time, which is traditionally a busy time, we expect this increase to continue and look forward to a more positive outlook on the market overall.

There is a vast array of properties on the market in the Hawick area at the moment.  And the wide choice available at every budget range is impressive, from one bedroom flats to the very top end of the market.  An encouraging increase in activity and movement in the town has recently been noticed.  This movement has also been seen through a mix of small, medium and larger properties. 

Another method of buying and selling your property that has become increasingly popular recently is part-exchanges/house swaps.

This involves matching up two separate sets of vendors who are trying to sell, in order to subsequently purchase properties of the type owned by the other.  Where these matches can be found it is an ideal way of speeding up the sale and purchase process and avoiding some of the usual issues with chains.

 When it comes to lettings, the rental market has also picked up in the last year, possibly due to the difficulties potential first time buyers face in getting a mortgage.

It appears younger people are increasingly happy to rent whilst saving for a deposit.  This has meant that many rental properties that come up are often snapped up fairly quickly which is obviously ideal for landlords.

So whether you are thinking of buying, selling or renting property, 2012 looks to offer a more confident time for home owners to make a move!

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