Businesses switched on to lights fund

LOCAL hairdressers have proven to be a cut above when it comes to donations for the Christmas Lights Appeal.

At a meeting of Hawick Community Council this week it was revealed by treasurer Drew O’Mara that those businesses had been the most generous.

Mr O’Mara also said, from an original letter send to over 350 businesses, there had been a good response from clubs including the Lodge 424, Angling Club, 1514 Club, Callants Club and Hawick Harlequins, which has gone a long way to raising more than £1,200.

In total over 30 donations have been received, ranging from £10 to £100.

Chairperson Marion Short said: “We are very grateful for the amount which has been donated so far. We are aware of problems currently relating to the economy within the town but we really appreciate the gestures which have been made. This will help to offset the cost of providing new lights for the town and the provision of the associated electricity.”

Further donations can be made to the treasurer, details of which were outlined in the original letter.