Burnfoot to benefit from increased number of bins on the estate

BURNFOOT is to receive four new bins.

Scottish Borders Council revealed this week that they are currently replacing red dog fouling bins and introducing black bins which will be for normal waste as well as dog dirt.

And the additional bins on the estate will be situated around the Ivanhoe Terrace, McLagan Drive and Hillend Drive areas.

A spokesperson said: “At Burnfoot we are planning to put four additional bins in new locations to benefit the local community.”

It comes amid mounting criticism from residents at a meeting of Burnfoot Community Council on Tuesday night.

During the public forum Gail Edgar said: “I’ve been coming here to these meetings since October, saying the same thing every time about the need for more bins, but we haven’t seen one extra one whatsoever.”

Councillor Marshall told the meeting that himself, fellow councillor Zandra Elliot and community councillor Ann Knight toured Burnfoot almost a year ago, identifying areas which needed a bin.

He said: “We highlighted the hot spots and met with Councillor Len Wyse (executive member for environmental services) and he said he would get everything sorted for us, but we’re still waiting.

“As a council we’re actively encouraging people to pick up their litter, recycle and lift their dog’s mess. But that isn’t easy when the public don’t have the facilities to put them in.”

Meanwhile, the local authority confirmed that a bin situated behind the Barrie Knitwear factory had been removed.

The spokesperson said: “The bin was subject to repeated vandalism. With this in mind, we decided not to have a bin in this location as replacements were continually targeted.”

It was agreed to invite councillor Wyse along to the next meeting at the end of this month.