Burnfoot signs bid thrown out by council

Councillor Watson McAteer
Councillor Watson McAteer

A proposal to have ‘Welcome to Burnfoot’ signs erected at entrances to the estate has been refused, writes Jason Marshall.

Tuesday night’s Burnfoot Community Council meeting heard that Scottish Borders Council had rebuffed chairman Michael Grieve’s signs bid following an official request to the local authority by ward councillor Watson McAteer.

“The Burnfoot signs are very much an issue for the community,” said Mr McAteer. “And while the council are not supportive, I believe it is a matter for Burnfoot to decide and I’ll support them.”

Mr Grieve added: “It’s important to reclaim the name Burnfoot and make people more proud to live there.”

An SBC spokesperson said: “There is currently no specific community within a Borders town that has dedicated signs and it is not something the council would support.”