Burnfoot meeting hears of ‘positive progress’ on estate

Councillor Watson McAteer
Councillor Watson McAteer

A multi-agency meeting aimed at preventing a repeat of last winter’s antisocial youth behaviour was held at the Burnfoot Hub last week.

Atendees included representatives from Police Scotland, the Fire and Rescue service, social landlords, Scottish Borders Council’s antisocial behaviour unit, councillors Watson McAteer and Stuart Marshall, and Burnfoot Community Council.

It was agreed to bring together the agencies which had been at the forefront of managing youth-related antisocial behaviour on the estate earlier in the year and to share experience of previous events to ensure a more effective response in the future.

Councillor McAteer said: “While there is absolutely no indication that we will see a repeat of previous problems in Burnfoot, it was felt important that those who have a role to play meet and share experience and knowledge to deal more effectively should there be any emerging problems.

“All present at the meeting highlighted how much positive progress had been made in Burnfoot and acknowledged the role of the new hub in helping support young and old in the community.”