Burnfoot council gets talk on resilience

Burnfoot Community Council was given a presentation on the Resilient Community initiative on Tuesday night by Scottish Borders Council’s Carol Turnbull.

And Ms Turnbull has been invited to attend this year’s Burnfoot Carnival in a bid to recruit volunteers to take the scheme forward.

During the presentation councillors hear of the aims of the initiative which include having the ability to adapt and to cope with a variety of situation from adverse weather conditions to road traffic accidents and fires as well as volunteering any specialist skills they have.

And council chairman Michael Grieve welcomed the move: “This is certainly something I would like to see people taking an interest in. It could mean people doing little things like clearing the snow from an elderly neighbours path or even looking in on an elderly resident to make sure they are okay.

“I’m keen for the council to come along to the carnival in July in a bid to recruit people.”