Bumper profit for the Common-Riding

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HAWICK Common-Riding made a £14,000 profit this year.

And thanks in no small part to the town’s hugely popular Cornet Chris Ritson, his Lass Heather Amos, Acting Father and Mother Stuart and Julie Hunter – as well as the beautiful summer sunshine – means the overall bank balance of the Common-Riding Committee currently stands at £203,428.

This compares to just £3,327 back in 2001.

The figures were revealed at the committee’s annual general meeting last night.

Chairman Stuart Marshall told the Hawick News: “Many people deserve a lot of praise and none more so than a hugely popular Cornet and Lass. Along with their Acting Fither and Mother they certainly made the 2013 Common-Riding a fantastic occasion.”

In total, it cost £92,557 to put on this year’s Common-Riding,

Entry to the Moor on the Friday was £17,280 compared to £15,555 in 2012; while Saturday’s takings were also up from 11,414 to £13,280. Money for the three Huts was up to £8,071 (£7,137); the Colour Bussing stood at £2,504 (£2,408); and donations and sponsorship up from £4,330 to £5,230.

The hire of portaloos and
cleaning also went up to £6,193 from £5,981.

Secretary Frank Scott said: “It was another outstanding success, with excellent principals and good weather.”

A further £14,000 was placed in the quincentenary fund, which now stands at £66,000, and is going towards paying for a new statue at the Tower Knowe to commemorate 500 years since Hornshole, when the band of Hawick youths routed an English army in 1514 and captured their flag, returning to the town as heroes.

Mr Marshall paid tribute to those who made the event such a success. He said: “We must not forget to thank the Common-Riding committee and volunteers who have worked tirelessly and, most importantly, the townsfolk whose support for our Common-Riding just gets better each year.

“It’s been a real privilege to have served as chairman for the past four years or so.”

A request was made at last night’s AGM for someone to come forward to take over the running of the Common-Riding committee website, which was previously administered by Cammy Reith.

For more information, contact commonriding@btinternet.com