Building warrants approved by local authority

THE following local building warrants have been approved by Scottish Borders Council:-

Mr and Mrs Bannerman, Herons Rise, Hassendeanbank – conversion of part of garage and alterations to form additional bedroom, shower room and new stair, convert attic space over and dormer extension to provide family room, store and installation of three rooflights.

Mrs C Thorne, plot 1 (workshop), north east of stable block, Cavers – conversion, atlerations and extension to provide three apartment house from workshop.

E and J English, Corrieston, Dean Road, Denholm – formation of patio doors and decking.

Mr M Kerr, 14 Hillend Drive – formation of french doors from existing window opening in lounge, alterations to stairs and layout to form shower room in existing utility/WC.

Mr R Warden, derelict cottage, Doecleuch, Hawick – demolition of derelict dwellinghouse and erection of replacement six apartment house with detached garage.

Mr and Mrs Cavern, 9 North Liddle Street, Newcastleton – erection of six apartment house.

Mr Dennis Wassell, 5B Wilton Crescent – installation of hard wired smoke detector.

Director of technical services, Hawick Town Hall 34-42 High Street – alterations to ground floor layout to form two enlarged offices.

Mrs Shelia Thomson, 8/3 Morrison Place – installation of hard wired smoke detector.

Mr Norman Pender, Kinninghall Dell, Cavers – erection of steel portal framed agricultural building.

Mr and Mrs John Scott, Station House, Steele Road, Newcastleton – demolition of extension, alterations and extension to provide bedroom, en-suite, shower room, utility and porch.

David Wood, garage (Wood), Lochpark Road – alterations and extension to garage.

Mr Edward Douglas, 83 Weensland Road – installation of hard wired smoke detector.

Steven R Johnson, 1 Overhall Crescent – formation of patio door from existing window and remove partition to form kitchen/dining room.

Mr and Mrs Scott, 10 Oliver Place, Newcastleton – formation of window slapping to first floor room.

Hawick Cashmere, Trinity Mills, 11 Duke Street – formation of french doors with balustrade from window on first floor.

Williams Refridgeration, unit 3, block 1, Galalaw Business Park – internal fit-out to provide chiller, preparation room and concrete plinth.

Director of technical services, Hawick Town Hall, public toilets 34-42 High Street – alter layout and refurbish to provide generator room.