Budding hacks grill First Minister at Holyrood

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A team of budding journalists from Hawick High School visited the Scottish Parliament recently to interview First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The enterprising group from the Hawick High News contacted the First Minister’s office in January to ask for an interview and were delighted when they were invited to Holyrood to meet her on March 4.

The team were also contacted by BBC Scotland who offered to film the interview, which will be included in this year’s BBC News School Report.

This will be the fifth time pupils from the school have taken part in this annual event, which sees students from around the country create news bulletins which are shown on the BBC website. This is the first time, however, that Hawick High School pupils have joined the front rank of news making schools that actually get broadcast on television by the BBC.

The interview with Nicola Sturgeon was aired on television last night (March 19), but will also be published on the BBC website.

And this week the duo who interviewed Ms Sturgeon shared their experience with the Hawick News.

Matthew Frankland said: “It was an experience to remember and we are looking forward to interviewing leaders of other major parties in the future.”

Matthew added: “It will be a great thing to include if I ever apply for a job in the media industry.”

Fellow reporter Ronald Yule said: “She was such a down to earth person and she made us feel at ease.”

The programming schedule will be released nearer the time and will be announced via the Hawick High News Facebook and Twitter feeds and on their website www.hawickhighnews.co.uk.

The Hawick High News group and interested in local story ideas can be contacted at schoolreport@hawickhighnews.co.uk You can also send them a message on their FaceBook page, www.fb.com/hawickhighnews