Brakes are put on bid for double white lines

Hobkirk Community Council’s bid to have the A6088 marked with double white lines has been knocked back by Scottish Borders
Council (SBC).

January’s Hobkirk CC meeting heard of concerns about dangerous overtaking on the hills on the Bonchester Heights, and it was agreed to approach SBC regarding the issue.

CC secretary Cliff Griffiths said: “Those who don’t know the road may assume that the absence of double white lines might indicate that overtaking was not especially hazardous.”

However, a council spokesperson said: “Double white line systems are applied by whole route and not in isolation, and implementing these lines in isolation could give rise to motorists incorrectly thinking that where these are not in place then it is safe to overtake.

“The current road markings are correct, being warning lines throughout the Bonchester Heights section, and, in addition, the council has erected warning signs at this location.”