Boy racers targeted in evening initiative

POLICE have vowed to put the brakes on boy racers after a successful initiative last Friday night.

Unmarked and patrol cars were out in force around the town’s streets, the results of which included: three seat belt offences, a non standard exhaust, a solid white line offence, a vehicle seizure for no insurance and taking and driving away without the owner’s consent, and one positive drugs search.

Inspector Colin Shilitto, in charge of road policing in the Borders, said: “They can’t go on making some people’s lives a misery. We have unmarked cars in the Borders focusing on car routes, crash routes and problem areas.

“The areas frequented by the young people in Hawick have been highlighted and will be regularly monitored.

“We are determined to continue with this enforcement action. Effectively, young drivers who continue to flout the law will be pursued.”

Five other young drivers on Friday night were given advice about their vehicles and made aware of complaints.

And Inspector Shilitto admitted it was as much about education as it was enforcement.

He added: “Young drivers aged between 17 and 25 have the highest collision rates, but enforcement is not always the best course of action.

“What we’re trying to do is interact with young drivers and educate them as much as possible.”

Meanwhile, complaints of speeding along Burnfoot Road were once again raised at a meeting of Burnfoot Community Council this week.

And although there were calls for further monitoring and speed checks to be carried out, Community Councillor Kenny McCartney questioned its value.

He said: “These drivers are clever and, while you might catch the first one speeding up that road, they’ll be texting around their pals making sure they’re warned about the police.”

Jamie Batten added: “I’m not a driver, but the speed they come up that road is a disgrace.”

At the meeting there were also complaints over cars which are being parked on both sides of Kenilworth Road