Borders boozer’s bungled beer-swilling bid a smash hit online

The Waverley Bar in Hawick High Street.
The Waverley Bar in Hawick High Street.

A video clip of a Hawick pub customer dropping and smashing his glass while making a bungled attempt to down a pint in one has become an internet sensation.

More than eight million people worldwide have tuned in to watch the booze-fuelled mishap, and more than 80,000 have left comments, most poking fun at his misfortune.

A regular at the Waverley Bar, identified as Colin Gallagher, was filmed by a pal on a mobile telephone while trying to finish off his pint in one go.

Unfortunately, his effort goes awry when the glass slips from his grasp, in the process pouring the contents over his face as it arcs into the air, then smashes on the floor.

For the next minute, he struggles to dry his eyes as hilarity breaks out all around the bar and staff go about clearing up the debris.

The video was uploaded to the popular LadBible social media site, which pays out £100 for every comic clip used, and, as of yesterday, it had notched up more than eight million views.

Hawick drinker Colin Gallagher losing control of his pint glass.

Hawick drinker Colin Gallagher losing control of his pint glass.

A spokesperson for the High Street bar said: “I wasn’t in the bar at the time, but it’s been a big talking point ever since among the customers.

“It seems to have put the pub on the map.”

The clip has prompted hundreds of reactions on social media sites, with many saying they’d watched Colin’s misadventure several times in a row.

Francine Mohan said: “It’s a step-by-step guide on how not to drink a pint.”

Colin drying his eyes afterwards.

Colin drying his eyes afterwards.

Maxine Davis responded: “I love the fact that the guy sitting next to him is oblivious to the fact that his mate is burning his eyes out and drowning in cheap lager.”

Andrew Crawford said: “I could literally watch this every day just to cheer myself up.”

Colin Irving added: “He had no control. His body literally overlooked his brain.”