Bloom group’s vow on vandalism

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THE Hawick in Bloom committee has vowed to defy vandals who target the High Street at weekends.

Tuesday night’s community council meeting heard that the sub-committee – whose volunteers strive to brighten up the street with shrubs and flowers – are not the only targets for mindless idiots, some of whom recently tipped large new planters upside down.

Community beat officer Keith Murray told the meeting that vandalism continues to be a problem in Hawick at weekends.

“There is nowhere else in the Borders that the bins in the High Street are kicked over every Saturday night, and it’s gone on for years. It’s a stupid mentality,” he said.

Councillor Davie Paterson voiced his concerns that such behaviour could spell the end of Hawick in Bloom, but community councillor Lorraine Wilson asserted: “We won’t give up, but it is very disheartening. To give up would be sending these people the wrong message.”

And alluding to catching the culprits, while also highlighting recent damage to the 1514 Monument, Councillor Stuart Marshall said: “We should all work together to show that we are not tolerating this sort of behaviour.

“It could take just one high-profile case to put a stop to it.”