Bloom group’s pledge as ‘small minority spoil town for everyone’

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“Show some pride in your town” is the message to vandals who leave a trail of destruction in the town centre at weekends.

Hawick in Bloom chairwoman Lorraine Wilson has reiterated that that the 14 volunteers behind the community council sub-committee – who are each week being forced to tidy up a “soul-destroying” litany of plants and soil left strewn across the High Street – will not give in to the vandals.

The town is a 16-times winner of Scotland In Bloom but Mrs Wilson says that a small minority is ruining its appearance by destroying flowers and planters on a weekly basis.

“We want to make the town more attractive,” she said. “The High Street is in a sad state, as are other streets. It makes you determined that they don’t get the upper hand, because 99.9 per cent of people in the town are disgusted at the abuse of the boxes.

“It’s a small minority who are spoiling the town for everyone else.”

Mrs Wilson urged local people to be vigilant and to report any vandalism they witness. More than a dozen volunteers dedicate countless hours to feeding, weeding and planting 19 boxes and three flower beds throughout the town. “It would be a dreary High Street without the flowers,” said Mrs Wilson. “It’s soul-destroying for shopkeepers to come to work and see soil and plants lying around. I know the police are hard-stretched because they have a bigger area to cover. A plant being taken out of a box is going to be far down their list of priorities on a Saturday night if there’s a major crime going on, but I would like them to be more vigilant.”

Police say they will work to ensure the “appropriate resources” are provided to protect local crime hot spots at times when incidents are most likely to occur.

Inspector Paula Clark told the Hawick News this week: “We regularly carry out high-visibility patrols along the High Street during times when high volumes of people occupy the area.

“And we engage closely with the local community and with partner agencies to identify times and places where crime is most likely to occur, and deploy the appropriate resources to ensure these areas remain safe places to live, work and visit at all times.”

HAWICK In Bloom is holding a fund-raising raffle at Morrisons on April 20.