Bin collection saga rumbles on

George Currie of Wilton Dean is complaining about the council not collecting rubbish from his street
George Currie of Wilton Dean is complaining about the council not collecting rubbish from his street

A WILTON Dean resident whose bins have been repeatedly ignored by Scottish Borders Council has been assured that the problem has been resolved.

Following the introduction of fortnightly collections, George Currie has spent nearly a year complaining to the local authority that refuse crews constantly miss theirs and their neighbours’ bins.

And despite having never experienced any problems in the past 11 years up until the collection change, a catalogue of explanations given by officials include that the street was not listed on their plan, the area was unknown to the crews, and even that the bins were not needing emptied.

Mr Currie, who lives in the lane at the side of Wilton Dean Village Hall, told the Hawick News: “It’s like we just disappeared off the radar for six months. I must have sent dozens of emails and made call after call to tell the council that that our rubbish hadn’t been lifted, but we have never been given a real reason for it.”

The issue has continued to rear its head throughout the year, with intermittent spells of regular collections, then missed days. And although Mr Currie admits the problem had begun to improve, following another missed pick-up last week, he says he is reaching the end of his tether. He said: “We pay our taxes and it is a basic service to have your bins lifted. I don’t understand why this keeps happening to us.”

But the council has given Mr Currie an assurance that this was an isolated incident. Refuse collection manager Graham Prentice told us: “The issues with collection of refuse from this property were resolved some months ago.”

And claiming last week’s incident was outwith his control, he added: “Our lorry was unable to access the lane where Mr Currie lives due to a tight turning circle caused by parked cars. We aim to resolve missed bin issues within five days and collected Mr Currie’s rubbish on Friday.”

But Councillor Stuart Marshall, who has fought Mr Currie’s case since November, has vowed to keep a close eye on the situation.

He said: “I’m concerned to hear that after months of emails and repeated calls to the recycling team, Mr Currie is still having this problem. You cannot blame the refuse collectors because the problem has been continually highlighted to their superiors, and repeated assurances given to Mr and Mrs Currie that it won’t happen again.

“Mr Currie has not had a good quality of service at all.”