Big turnout helps to save Summer Festival

Hawick Summer Festival has been saved from folding thanks to an eleventh-hour rescue by some public-
spirited Teries.

Eleven new committee members stepped forward to join the three existing committee members, ensuring that the 32nd annual festival will now go ahead in August.

Gerry Monaghan will continue for another year as chairperson, and reacting to the new influx of committee members, he told the Hawick News: “There was a great deal of hard work done ahead of the meeting to try our best to keep the festival alive.

“Thankfully it all paid off and I was delighted with the turnout.

“Raising our plight in the Hawick News certainly made an impact and I am excited about the future.”

New treasurer Carol Graham said: “I simply couldn’t stand by and watch the festival finish.

“I was more than happy to attend the meeting and lend my support.”

New assistant treasurer Keith Mundell added: “It would have been a shame to think that something that brings so much fun and generates income could be lost to the town just because of a lack of volunteers.

“It was good to see people answering the call and coming forward to help out.

“Too many people mump about there being nothing to do in Hawick, but often sit back and expect things just to happen, but it doesn’t work like that and more people need to work together to help make Hawick great again.”

The dates for this year’s 
festival were confirmed as 
Friday, August 19 to Sunday, August 28.

The popular Children’s Day will take place on Saturday, August 20, while the 
Stevie T Band and PYRE have confirmed that they will play at the music night on Saturday, August 27.

Any organisation interested in holding an event during the Summer Festival is asked to contact the organising secretary, Graham Ford, by email: