I WAS privileged to be at Mansfield Park on Monday to take part (albeit as a spectator), in one of the happiest and innovative days I have ever seen appertaining to our Common-Riding. To see so many people, old and young, celebrating together was heart-warming. It also proved that our ancient festival can, and should, move with the times, and this without losing the feeling of history and tradition.

Well done and a hearty thanks to all involved in bringing this great day to fruition.

Watching all involved from the nursery classes to the pensioners on the working men’s stand, it proves our town is safe and ever foremost.


Buccleuch Terrace

I attended the Big Sing on Monday, and, by jings, was it worth coming over from Selkirk. It was tremendous and the organsiers should be very proud, while the arrival of the Cornet by helicopter was the icing on the cake.


Ettrick Terrace


I WOULD like to express my concern at the speed at which people are driving up Brougham Place. As my daughter and I left a coffee morning at Trinity Church hall on Saturday, she went to step onto the road. As she did so a car came speeding up the hill, and if it hadn’t been for her quick reaction in stepping back she would have been hit.

Unfortunately we weren’t quick enough to get the registration of the car concerned, but I hope the young man behind the wheel got as big a fright as my daughter.

Something must be done about drivers going up this street as it is an accident waiting to happen.


Bowden Road

YES, a few years back Scottish Borders Council should have tried to increase its financial portfolio, however, not £10million into two Icelandic banks. Unfortunately, if something went wrong, there was not an agreement to recoup loses between the UK and Iceland. If the truth be known, it was absolute folly to put money into the Icelandic banks that were on the cards to collapse three years before SBC’s investment. The £10million has lost any possible interest that could have accrued, and the local authority is having difficulty claiming any of the investment back.

Hawick Common Good assets in total are worth much more to the people of Hawick, the Common Good Fund is the people’s fund, and all 16,000 of us would suggest, as with Teviotdale Leisure Centre, “hands off” our common good funds.

Our councillors have, over many years, shown prudence in building up the fund. We, the people of Hawick, do not want anything to do with a single investment strategy for common good and trust funds. Each common good fund should remain as is, and pay their own administration costs.

There are six Scottish Borders councillors in the Hawick area, and they all agree that the status quo should prevail. I am certain they can manage Hawick’s Common Good Fund. And it would be unfortunate if, after the end of the consultation period (July 15), the other Scottish Borders councillors decided to introduce a single investment strategy for common good funds.


THE Hawick Committee of the British Heart Foundation would like to thank everyone who supported the raffle for the Common-Riding hamper. We raised £950 for research funds, and the winner was Cathie Whillans, Orchard Terrace. Our grateful thanks to you all.