Big screen call for Common-Riding

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CROWDS outside the town hall should be able to watch the annual Colour Bussing ceremony on a big screen television.

And the same technology should be available for those who gather at St Leonards for the three Huts.

That was the suggestion made by Stuart Beck at the annual general meeting of the Common-Riding committee.

At the moment the Colour Bussing ceremony on the Thursday night of the Common-Riding is beamed outside over a 40” television screen, and the audio relayed courtesy of a PA system.

But Mr Beck claims the whole idea needs improving and said the screens could be used at a whole number of events, including the racing at the Moor.

With the build up to the quincentenary celebrations of Hornshole, he said: “I stand outside the town hall every year and try to watch the screen and I’m one of hundreds. I think the whole thing needs brought into the 21st century.

“We’re coming up for 2014 and there will be more and more people in the town looking to join in with the celebrations.

“Not everyone will get tickets to the various events so I believe this should be considered.”

Mr Beck also believes the technology could provide an additional attraction at the Moor, with the various events relayed to the public. Other suggestions include a screen at the Horse during the Colour Bussing.

He added: “It would be nice to see the screens at everything. It wouldn’t need to take in the whole floor, just the speeches and the entertainers.

“It could be played at the top tent or put on the internet, the possibilities are endless.”

The idea received a positive response at the meeting and it was agreed to look into it further.

Chairman Stuart Marshall said: “I think that this suggestion definitely deserves to be explored further, given the fact that it would be a huge benefit to the large crowds who now gather outside these functions.

“With 2014 fast approaching I think that this idea will go down well.”