big day out AT ‘Muckle Toon’

THE special bond between Hawick and Langholm was honoured in fine style last Friday when hundreds of Teries descended on the Muckle Toon for its Common-Riding.

Although the usual loyalty shown by Teries who saddle up and join almost every cavalcade throughout the summer was less – it was certainly more than made up for by the massive numbers of townsfolk who made the early morning journey down the A7 to join in the celebrations.

Hawick Cornet Michael Davidson stated: “There wasn’t a lot of Hawick folk riding because it’s not much of a ride, but there was busloads and busloads of Teries there to support Langholm. Next to Hawick it’s the second best Common-Riding for us, as there’s a special connection there and everyone looks forward to the day out.”

With the sun shining for Langholm Cornet Lee Earsman, Michael added: “It was a really good day and the weather was great which always helps. I was really pleased for the Cornet that it went so well, because we’ve become good friends.”

And as Teries enjoyed the day’s much-loved Hound Trail, gallop up the Kirk Wynd, Crying of the Fair, quaint emblems and heather besoms, racing at the Castleholm and later the Langholm Polka, Right-Hand Man Greg Easton says it was another day that Langholm can be proud of.

He told the Hawick News: “Langholm was great, and the friendship and hospitality was superb again, with the support from everybody also amazing when we were riding. The best bit for me was cantering up the Kirk Wynd with the streets lined by hundreds of people, and the sing-song in the Cornet’s room the night before.”

And also highlighting Hawick’s close links with Langholm, he added: “It was great to catch up with old friends.”