Bank card skimming alert: Teries urged to check their statements

Bank of Scotland's Hawick branch
Bank of Scotland's Hawick branch
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BANK of Scotland customers who used the High Street cash machine last Wednesday night are being urged to check their balances after a card skimming scam was discovered.

A false facia, which included a card slot and a small electronic circuit, was spotted by a member of the public using the ATM at around 10.30am last Thursday – and they handed it into the bank, before the police were called and the machine shut down.

A spokesperson for the Bank of Scotland told the Hawick News: “We can confirm that a skimming device was found on the external Hawick branch ATM. This ATM was taken out of commission immediately in the early hours of Thursday and the police were advised.”

Extensive tests were carried out on the cash machine to confirm it was safe to use and it is now fully operational.

But the bank has advised anyone who used the ATM on the night of Wednesday November 30 to check their statements over the coming weeks, and notify their local branch of any suspicious transactions.

The spokesperson added: “This was the only ATM on the outside of the building, the one inside the branch was unaffected. Obviously those customers who didn’t use the ATM on Wednesday night will not be affected. One point to add, if a person has been affected, they will be reimbursed by their bank in full – this is normal policy.”

And after similar incidents at a branch of Nationwide in Galashiels on the same day and at the Bank of Scotland in Eyemouth last month, townsfolk are being urged to be extra vigilant.

A police spokesperson commented: “People should observe the frontage, particularly around the card slot facility and the underside of the machines carefully when ever using an ATM.

“If they suspect the machine has been tampered with, please don’t touch the device, and report this immediately to the bank who will contact police.

“We would also urge people to protect their pin code by using their other hand as a guard when entering their number.”

Officers are keen to speak to anyone who was in these areas at these times and observed person(s) acting suspiciously with the ATM machines. And anyone who has information which could lead to the identification of those responsible or who can assist police with their enquiries is asked to contact the station on 375051.