Back in business: flood-hit diner opens doors again

Becca and Ian Anderson.
Becca and Ian Anderson.

Spinners Diner, which was badly hit by the floods in early December, has reopened this week for takeaway food only.

The eaterie had only been open for five weeks when Storm Desmond hit the town on December 4-5, flooding the basement of the Weensland Road premises with nearly six feet of water.

Business co-owner Ian Anderson said: “The first five weeks of business had been really good and the night we were forced to close was fully booked.

“It started with a few inches settling on the floor so I had four pumps on the go through the whole day, but in the end I gave up when the water reached waist height.”

Under the main function room, Ian and his co-owner wifeBecca had created a basement area for children which included an Xbox, pool table and table football.

There were also toilets, a storeage area and rooms containing personal items – all of which were severely damaged by the flooding.

The sheer volume of water in the basement meant that the fire brigade had to use a powerful pump for the first time and Scottish Borders Council provided two skips.

Ian continued: “Although the kitchen and function room weren’t damaged, we’ve had to close because of the law surrounding toilet facilities.”

Becca explained: “We have one disabled toilet on the top floor but it’s not enough to accommodate a full restaurant.

“It’s devastating seeing the place not being used after a year of hard work.”

Spinners opened its doors again on Wednesday for lunch-time takeaways and will be open from 5-9.30pm this weekend.

Looking to the future, Ian and Becca hope to relaunch Spinners as a function room.

Ian said: “We’re planning to operate as a takeaway until the end of March and then we’ll look into starting theme nights and private parties because that way we know exactly the amount of people that will be here.

“When we were forced to close we had to lay off all the staff we had and now we’re basically running it ourselves.”

The couple have applied for a grant from the council
to help with the repairs, but they aren’t sure if their application will be successful or

Ian and Becca would like to thank staff members, friends, family and the council for their help in clearing up the mess following the storm.