Baby names survey for 2015

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A survey of birth announcements in the Hawick News during 2015 has shown that no particular names dominated for the town’s new arrivals, although two proud sets of parents chose Matthew for their bouncing boys.

The other names for boys included Scott, William, Joshua, Lewis, Max, Conner and Charlie. The more unusual boys’ names were Cullen and

The girls’ names notified to the paper last year included Rose, Elle, Lily, Charlotte, Nina, Poppy and Elsie. The more unusual girls’ names were Freya, Quinn and Ayla.

According to the National Records of Scotland, Jack and Emily were the most popular names for babies born in Scotland in 2015. Jack was top for an eighth consecutive year, while Emily was top for the second year running.

Top tens: Boys – 1, Jack; 2, Oliver; 3, James; 4, Lewis; 5, Alexander; 6, Charlie; 7, Logan; 8, Lucas; 9, Harris; 10 (equal), Daniel, Finlay and Jacob. Girls – 1, Emily; 2, Sophie; 3, Olivia; 4, Isla; 5, Ava; 6, Jessica; 7, Amelia; 8, Ella; 9, Lucy; 10, Lily.