Baby Cullen makes it a five-generation family

Elizabeth Stirling cradles Cullen Sutherland alongside family members Alison Short, Barry Sutherland and Ian Stirling
Elizabeth Stirling cradles Cullen Sutherland alongside family members Alison Short, Barry Sutherland and Ian Stirling

A HAWICK family has welcomed a fifth generation with the birth of baby Cullen Sutherland.

The relations, who span more than 100 years, are said to be “over the moon” with the latest addition to their clan, with the baby already a big part of the close-knit family.

As well as one-month-old Cullen, and his 25-year-old father Barry, there is granny Alison, 48, great-grandad Ian Stirling, 79, and his 100-year old aunt Elizabeth Stirling.

And thrilled new dad Barry, a fitness instructor at Teviotdale Leisure Centre, said: “It’s a great feeling for Nicola and I to have our first child and for him to be the fifth generation of one side of our family. It seems rare, and we’re lucky that so many people get to enjoy the feeling that a new life brings.”

Born on September 28 in Borders General Hospital, weighing 8lb 0.5ounces, Cullen joins a family who all live in Hawick, and which has centenarian and Deanfield resident Elizabeth at its head – who, in a strange twist of fate, celebrated her 100th birthday the day Nicola found out she was pregnant.

Miss Stirling, who received an Armed Forces Veterans’ Lapel Badge in recognition of her time during the war when she passed messages to British gunners, is the aunt of former Scottish Power worker and new great-grandad Ian, a keen Hawick RFC and Linden supporter, whose daughter and new granny Alison is a classroom assistant at Stirches Primary School.

And Barry says they have all welcomed his son into the world with open arms. “Everyone is over the moon,” he said. “Aunty Betty especially likes his name and it’s a huge relief that she approves. ‘A good strong name,’ she said.”

But as well as forming a fifth generation, there is no shortage of love and support from relations on both sides.

Cullen’s aunts are Jenny Sutherland and Caron Blacklock, and there are granny Alison’s kids, Kian and Ava, who are now little aunt and uncle. He also has a doting granny in Ex-Cornet’s Lass Morag Blacklock, as well as Barry’s father’s partner Evelyn Coutts, and two papas, Colin Sutherland and Ex-Cornet David Blacklock, and Alison’s husband, Johnny Short.

Barry commented: “The family are very close with everyone helping each other out in one way or another, as well as numerous lunch and tea-time visits.

“Cullen will be visited all the time and everyone is looking forward to spending time with him when they can. We’ve already been up together for tea and gran’s home-made scones with everyone, so they’re all close to him already.”

Cullen’s mum Nicola, a staff nurse at the BGH, added: “There are lots of people to use for experience and advice in all sides of our families and it’s good to get people’s thoughts. We find it is good, however, to get on with things as a couple as it’s all new and exciting.”