Astronomy focus for Hawick philatelists

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Stamp Club members were ‘over the moon’ at having as their guest speaker, Margaret Norris, from Glasgow, one of the most influential philatelists in the country, showing a display themed on astronomy. The 84-year-old multi-gold medal winner was paying her third visit to Hawick.

Having worked at an observatory for 27 years she was able to give an in-depth coverage of her subject, put together with covers, postcards and stamps from around the world.

All aspects of the subject were featured, including eclipses, of note being a lettter posted in London dated 1732 mentioning the phenomenon; comets, which in early times the sight of which would cause dread and alarm, and how they are named after their discoverers; as well as sections on time and observatories. For all these astrophysical happenings, special stamps, covers and postmarks were used to record their historical significance.