Arrest follows threats to Indian restaurant boss

Humaiun Khan of Khan's Indian Restaurant.
Humaiun Khan of Khan's Indian Restaurant.

A man has been arrested following last week’s story highlighting the threats and intimidation suffered by the boss of a local Indian restaurant.

Humaiun Khan, who runs Khan’s Indian Restaurant in Teviot Crescent, says he’s been overwhelmed by messages of support from both townsfolk and businesses.

A Police spokesperson told to the Hawick News this week, that a man had been arrested: “I can confirm that a 27year-old male was detained and interviewed on October 28, regarding the allegations made.

“Following interview he was cautioned and charged in connection with the allegations and released from custody. Mr Khan has been fully updated.”

Last week, the Hawick News reported how Mr Khan had been subjected to months of abuse, threats and intimidation from known individuals and had property damaged
inside and outside his

Speaking this week, Mr Khan said: “I’m pleased that the police have charged someone. I just want to be left alone to get on with my business and to serve the people of Hawick who have been very kind to me.”

And the messages left on the Hawick News Facebook page have been supportive of Mr Khan’s plight.

Donna Gray-Gentleman posted: “Keep doing what you’re doing. Things will get better. You’re doing the right thing getting the police involved. You have many loyal customers who enjoy your food.”

Suzanne Gillespie wrote: “Sounds like jealousy to me. Let the police do their jobs and you hold your head high.”

Marie-Anne McGregor added: “They’ll get what’s coming to them. Damn idiots hate seeing people do well.”

Commenting on the support, Mr Khan added: “This is fantastic. I appreciate the good wishes and many private messages of support.”