Antisocial drivers are a ‘priority’ for police

Councillor Watson McAteer
Councillor Watson McAteer

The growing number of complaints about boy racers should be a serious cause for concern, says a Hawick councillor and former top cop.

According to Watson McAteer, most of the town’s six councillors receive regular complaints regarding the anti-social drivers and the matter
is raised regularly at meet-ings.

Speaking this week, Mr McAteer said: “Most Hawick councillors are receiving complaints from townsfolk regarding the bad driving behaviours of some youngsters in and around the town.

“The Common Haugh and Wilton Park Road seem to be attracting a great deal of attention and I have witnessed some silly and dangerous antics. The police have been contacted and are well aware of the problems.

“We have assurances that action is being taken, including the use of antisocial behaviour legislation that could result in vehicles being confiscated. However, that will be nothing if the cost of this behaviour results in personal tragedy and I urge the youngsters involved and their parents to help stop what many think is the inevitable from happening.”

Councillor McAteer added: “Road safety is a key priority across the entire Borders area with the council supporting young driver programmes and awareness training. The concerns being raised are not about demonising the young or trying to stop them enjoying themselves, but purely an ask for them to recognise
that their actions can have serious and lasting consequences.

A police spokesperson said: “Antisocial driving in the Borders continues to be a top priority with officers continuing to target offenders.

“We have specialist officers who are routinely out in the Hawick area, who complement efforts by local officers.”

The statement concluded: “We will continue to target antisocial driving and work with the local community to address this matter.”