Angry councillor calls for tougher action on fly tippers

COUNCILLOR Davie Paterson has labelled townsfolk who dump rubbish as “ignorant”, and called for tougher action to be taken.

The Hawick & Hermitage representative has revealed that he is now dealing with incidents of fly-tipping on a weekly basis as the problem worsens – most recently dealing with washing machines, cookers and black bags in the Howegate.

He told the Hawick News: “Fly-tipping is happening every week and is definitely on the increase, and not just in my ward but all over. I don’t understand why people take the bother of driving to dump their rubbish when they could just drive to the tip. It is so ignorant and shows such a lack of care for the town, and is really making me angry.

“Scottish Borders Council has the names of some of those who are dumping black bags, but dealing with fly-tipping takes the cleansing department’s men away from other jobs. There needs to be heavier fines in place.”

The angry councillor added: “I would urge anyone who sees any fly-tipping to report it.”