Anger over dog dirt problem in school grounds

Dog owners in Denholm who allow their pets to foul in the grounds of the primary school have been branded “disgusting”, writes Sarah Williamson.

And a stern warning has been issued to those responsible to stop the unlawful practice or face the consequences.

The sickening problem was discovered during the summer holidays as school and council staff embarked on a tidy-up of the woodland area within the grounds, and head teacher Morag McCreadie says it has impacted on the children.

She told the Hawick News: “Due to the recent problem of dog fouling in that area, and the obvious health concerns associated with it, we are reluctant to allow the schoolchildren to access the woodland.”

She urged: “I would appeal to owners to be more considerate and ensure they clean up after their dog.”

And local Councillor Stuart Marshall has spoken of his shock at the discovery, angrily stating: “To hear of this issue happening in a school playground just beggars belief. Denholm is such a beautiful well-looked after village and it is important that those who allow their dogs to foul in supposedly safe places for our children to play,are
quickly identified and dealt with in the appropriate manner.”

And Mr Marshall, who has informed Neighbourhood Services, also warned: “Given the close-knit community in Denholm I can only hope that it is not too long before information comes forward to either the police, myself or any other councillor.”

An SBC spokesperson said that anti-dog fouling posters will be placed in the area to reiterate its message, adding: “It is the law that owners must clean up after their dog. This means bagging the dog dirt and disposing of it. Owners can take it home and put it in their own bin or can use public litter bins.

“Anyone allowing their dog to foul in any public area can be fined up to £40. This can escalate to £60 if not paid.”

Dog fouling can be reported anonymously on SBC’s website or to Police Scotland on 0300 100 1300