Alarm sounded over speed bump ‘hazards’

Councillors Watson McAteer and Stuart Marshall at one of the damaged speed bumps in Stirches Road.
Councillors Watson McAteer and Stuart Marshall at one of the damaged speed bumps in Stirches Road.

The deteriorating state of the town’s speed bumps have made them “downright dangerous” for motorists.

That’s according to Councillor Stuart Marshall who says the problem is widespread, and he highlighted Dickson Street, Stirches Road and Mansfield Road where damage to the road surface is causing particular concern.

“Drivers are repeatedly telling me that the speed bumps are downright dangerous and extremely brutal on their vehicles,” said Mr Marshall.

“Some of these bumps have no white lines on them and this adds to the hazard as motorists approach.

“It is also very worrying when motorists tell me they often drive on the opposite side of the road to avoid these broken-up speed bumps.”

Councillor Watson McAteer said the poor condition of the speed bumps was a real danger to road users as well as being the cause of significant damage to vehicles.

He added: “The poor state of the speed bumps is regularly discussed at community meetings, and I’ve also received complaints from several motorists about the resultant broken and uneven road surfaces.”

Mr McAteer added that he would be joining fellow Hawick and Denholm ward member, Mr Marshall, on a series of site visits with officials from Scottish Borders Council in a bid to highlight the problem and seek a quick solution before a serious accident happened.

Alluding to similar issues in Burnfoot, the estate’s community council chair, Michael Grieve, said: “The speed humps were great when they were introduced because you could see them and they slowed you down. However, I don’t think that since then they have been repainted, and the majority are hard to see
until you are right on top of them, particularly in the dark.”

A council spokesperson said: “Council officers have arranged site visits with Councillors McAteer and Marshall to look at the condition of the speed bumps.”