After talking the talk, time for Lamont to walk the walk

I am grateful to Mr Lamont’s spokesman, Jamie Batten, for confirming that the Conservative MSP has ‘never supported the return of the Waverley Line’.

Until recently, and from correspondence I had with Mr Lamont until December 2009, I believed that he was open-minded with regard to the development of the transport system within the Borders as a whole, not only in his own constituency – a point which I emphasised in my letter regarding the desirability of his sitting down formally with MSPs from the neighbouring Borders constituencies to formulate a concerted cross-party strategy for progressing improvements to the A7 over its whole course because this affects access to Hawick.

Well, as they say, ‘we keen noo!’.

Perhaps I could counter Mr Batten’s rather simplistic analysis of John Lamont’s re-election as a vindication of his stance on the reinstatement of Waverley by reminding him that, of all the main party candidates who stood recently for election in this constituency, only Paul Wheelhouse, who is also now our MSP, had the courage to come out and give his unequivocal support to the extension of the rail link to Hawick, and, ultimately, he’s not done so badly. In fact, all things considered, he’s done rather well.

John Lamont has talked the talk on transport. Let’s now see him walk the walk and keep us informed through your columns when he actually gets something done.


I would just like to ask the person(s) who took the two wooden planters from my garden in Park Terrace on the night of Thursday May 12, that if they still have them and if they are intact, could they please kindly return them as they were irreplaceable gifts from my grandchildren received for my birthday less than two weeks ago.

Or if anyone has received wooden planters since Thursday night could they be kind enough to come forward to the Hawick News, one was a man resting on a deckchair and the other is a train. My four young grandchildren are deeply saddened by this incident and cannot understand why someone would want to steal their Papa’s presents.


Through your column I would like to say a few words about the article in your paper regarding the so-called ‘boy racers’; they are just young male drivers who congregate in the Common Haugh.

I myself am an older driver using the Haugh six out of seven mornings each week. At that time there are not many cars in and on occasions I have seen coke cans and crisp packets lying about but I have never seen Buckfast bottles where the boys usually park up as reported by a council worker.

Do they think for one moment that those young boys would jeopardise their licences for drink? They are more interested in exchanging their views about what they have on their cars.

Those boys in question are paying thousands of pounds in insurance when their cars are worth a few hundred.

I don’t know any of these boys but do people honestly think they would drink when they could be pulled over at any time, with the police hounding them?

Give the boys a place to go; if they are hounded out of the Haugh, they will only go and find somewhere else to congregate.

I was once young myself. This is for the boys in question – quieten down your exhausts, slow down, bin your litter, and let’s have some harmony in the town and no more being hounded.


Hawick Saxhorn Band held a very successful spring concert recently when the excellent sum of £500 was raised.

The evening was led by conductor Alan Fernie and the programme included sacred pieces as well as floor tapping favourites. Hawick Saxhorn Youth Band excelled under the guidance of Rob Hume, and the young soloists were congratulated on their fine performances.

The evening’s entertainment concluded with both bands joining together to perform Runrig’s Loch Lomond, which was very well received by the audience.

Special thanks to all who made the evening a great success and we thank the townsfolk for their continued support.

The present committee members are keen to set up ‘Friends of the Band’, a small group to help organise much-needed fund-raising events, and also give support to our engagements.

If anyone would like to help, a meeting is being held on Wednesday, June 1, at 7pm in the band hall, 11 O’Connell Street.