Acting Mother says role is ‘great honour’

Acting Mother Julie Hunter
Acting Mother Julie Hunter
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ACTING Mother Julie Hunter says she is trying to savour every minute of her special role, but admits it’s all going too fast.

Since husband Stuart was officially chosen to become the Acting Father, a delighted Julie has borne a warm smile that has won her the affections of Teries young and old.

And in the past few weeks the popular nurse says she has enjoyed every part of her duties, from the public and official outings, to the lesser-known tasks.

“I’m trying to savour every second but it’s all going so quickly,” Julie told the Hawick News.

“I’ve enjoyed all the singers at the many concerts I’ve attended throughout the weeks, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the Lassies when we’ve had our ribbon and diary nights and have made life-long friends. Gillian (Right Hand Lass) and Kirsteen (Left Hand Lass) have been so supportive to both Heather and myself.”

But as the celebrations gather pace, the mum-of-two says last night’s Chase and witnessing Stuart lead the married men up the Nipknowes would be a very special highlight ahead of many more, adding: “I also look forward to Heather, our Cornet’s Lass, ‘Bussing the Colour’. I will be full of immense pride.”

Julie, who works as a staff nurse at the Thomas Hope Hospital in Langholm, admits that life is hectic as she juggles family, work and her new treasured role, but says her employer has been very supportive. She joked: “It’s a good job I’m an organised person.”

Always dressed immaculately, Julie has also thoroughly enjoyed all the wardrobe preparations, adding: “I’ve loved the clothes shopping and organising my outfits, and I’ve managed to get most of them locally.

“Being chosen to be Acting Mother is a great honour and privilege, and one I will never forget.”