‘A hope Santa’s gid ti ee’ says Cornet

What a year it’s been, a ca’ quite believe six months hev past since a carried The Banner Blue aroond the Mairches o’ Hawick as yer Cornet.

Although the weather wusnae the kindest ti oo, a hed an amazing time. The six weeks flew by. A feel very privileged ti hev been gien this opportunity ti lead oor toon’s traditions.

Firstly ad like ti thenk the rest o’ The Big Eight for making it a’ si enjoyable and helping is along the way. And the toon’s clubs, committees, schules and hospitals for thur very kind hospitality.

And especially ti yow, the toonsfolk o’ Hawick, for eer continued support ower the year. “No matter what the weather, be it wet or be it fine”, yer always guaranteed the best o’ turnoots be it on horseback or on fit in this toon.

A would like ti wish everybody a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. A hope Santa’s gid ti ee a’.