50+ walkers step out on cairn trek

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On Sunday, 15 walkers did their annual pilgrimage to Nan Lyle’s cairn on Whitchester Hill. Leaving the Haugh on a dry but breezy morning, they made their way via The Avenue, the Laurie bridge , Volunteer Park , the back of Buccleuch Road to the style on the old drove road up the Longbaulk.

A marker shows the way to the cairn across by Martin’s House , Goldielands and Haysike . After a slog up the road to Whitchesters, the group took to the first marked field , passed in front of the big house and upwards to the cairn. Stopping only briefly for reflection in a cool strong breeze , they descended out of the wind behind a dyke to enjoy an early lunch. Their return was by the Moor, Williestruther Loch , St Leonards, The Hut, golf course, Paterson Gardens, Loan and home. Next walk is the Three Brethren on the January 19. – IC