50+ walkers’ Eskdale trek

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Fifteen set off for a walk in Eskdale, north of Langholm, and taking the Eskdalemuir road, they branched off at Bentpath, up the Meggat Water by way of a long narow single track road.

The cars were left south of Megdale and the road was walked as far as the little village of Jamestown where there is a cairn dedicated to Thomas Telford, the famous bridge-builder. From here, they took to the hills up a track beside Glenshanna Burn, and soon came to the Glendinning mines where Antimony was dug out years ago. Named the Louisa mine, it only lasted about five years around 1794 and Jamestown grew round about it to house the 40-50 miners. It was mined again from 1885 to 1891 and 1919 to 1922.

The walkers then made their way up on to Munshiel Hill where lunch was enjoyed. Then on to Effgill Hill and the descent to the cars. On the way home cream teas were really appreciated at the Ewes hall where members were joined by others of the 50+ who came up by car. Many thanks to Isa and her helpers, everyone looks forward to their yearly visit.

This Sunday’s walk is in the Brampton area, Talkin Tarn, after which the group will stay for tea.